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The Best Option

Our software solutions and support services are the best-in-class because they are:-

  • Specially designed to cater to big and small requirements of the SME segment
  • Rigorously tested in real business for months before being made available in the market

OSMERP: Sales & Inventory Monitoring ERP for SME

Many SME segment business houses do not use any software to manage their day-to-day operations other than a basic accounting package that helps them meet regulatory requirements.

OSMERP is an Online ERP system that helps you systematize your internal operations thereby helping you manage your business better and generate multiple business benefits.

It uses distributed architecture that involves all relevant employees across multiple locations connect to a main work-flow and make simultaneous entries seamlessly at the same time when a transaction takes place.


  • Real-time (Live) stock update for timely and informed decisions
  • No need to make same entry in multiple registers / ledgers
  • No need of audit for authentic data
  • No need to be at office. You can work from anywhere using Internet
  • No need to transfer data from your accounting software
  • Helps in saving your valuable time and thereby improving business performance