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The Best ERP for SME

Our specialized ERP for SME segment businesses, OSMERP, provides features that help you implement practical and standard procedures in your business thereby saving your time and increasing profits.


  • Real-time (live) Stock Update for timely and informed decisions
  • Avoid same entry at multiple places
  • Real-time authentic data at fingertips
  • No need to be at office. Work from anywhere using Internet
  • No need to transfer data from your accounting software

Ideas That Work...

The SME segment (Small-Medium Enterprises) face a typical problem when it comes to buying and using software.

Large software companies do not care enough and small software developers and freelancers are not professional enough.

We, CONSAM-CONNDIGN, aim to fill this void by developing simple and useful software solutions for Small-Medium Enterprises (SME) that will help them grow faster and bigger in systematic way.

Our software is tested rigorously in real industry (at CONSAM Group of Industries) before it is made available in the market. We focus on making even the smallest (trivial) things perfect in order to ensure that our products meet and exceed international quality standards.

The Venture

CONSAM-CONNDIGN is a joint venture between CONSAM Industries (P) Ltd. and Conndign Solutions.

CONSAM Industries is an agile user of technology in business and Conndign Solutions is a professional software development firm.

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