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CONSAM-CONNDIGN is a joint venture between CONSAM Industries (P) Ltd. and Conndign Solutions.

CONSAM Industries is an agile user of technology in business and Conndign Solutions is a professional software development firm.

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Idea Behind The Joint Venture

The Business Case

India is one of the largest exporters of software in the world. Ironically, the established software companies are not able to cater to the domestic industries and particularly the SME segment in a cost effective manner. While use of technology is unavoidable in today's business world to survive and grow, the SME segment is still struggling to derive measurable benefits from the evolution of technology due to some critical issues, as mentioned below:-

Problems SME Segment Faces

  • Most of the popular software are extremely expensive and complex. They provide us features like a super-car that gulps fuel in barrels when we only need a normal-car that fulfil our need and is economical.
  • Free software does not fulfil our needs and does not come with any service or guarantee.
  • Large software companies do not care enough for domestic and small organizations. They are more interested in foreign clients.
  • Small software suppliers are not professional enough. They lack perfection and are not able to provide reliable services.
  • Freelancers are completely unreliable. Their software is not tested properly and they are not available when problems are faced during use of the software.

Our Objective

We aim to develop & supply software services that are reliable and have proven ROI for the SME segment by identifying the real requirements of the industry, designing easy technical solutions, and testing them in real business.

We are the best option for your business because:-

  • We are ourself SME segment operators so we know and understand the requirements of SME segment better than anyone else.
  • We are dedicated to finding solutions for SME segment.
  • The software is developed by highly skilled and experienced professionals who have proven track record.
  • Our software is thoroughly tested in real business before it is made available in the market.
  • We pay careful attention to even the most trivial parts of our software and these small but perfect modules make our software really useful.

Values We Adhere To

We aspire to be recognized as the best software brand in the world. And we know that the secret to achieve our aspiration lies in religiously adhering to certain values, which you will definitely experience when you deal with us.

1. Honest

We don’t believe in misguiding or misinforming our customers via lucrative tag-lines. We will tell you what our software does and what it doesn’t. We do not have any hidden charges. Most importantly, we do not use business jargon to inflate your interpretation of what we offer. We simply follow the WYSWYG (What You See is What You Get) rule in all our dealings.

2. Simple

If we call ourself highly skilled and experienced, it is because we understand the importance of simplicity and are able to design systems that are so simple to use that any normal person with basic literacy can use them easily.

3. Systematic

In order to minimize mistakes and errors, we are always keen to be transparent and adhere to standard operating procedures in our internal operations.

4. Consistent

We are human beings and thus have our own limits. Our effort is that we keep performing within our limits consistently because we strongly believe that small but consistent efforts will make us number one in the world one fine day!

5. Responsible

When you use our software, we are responsible to make sure that we are always available to provide you timely support in case you face any trouble using it.